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Transatlantic and Repositioning Cruises

Bask in luxury as you sail coast to coast. Luxury Cruise Connections has exclusive offers and onboard credits.

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A transatlantic cruise is the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy everything a luxury liner has to offer. With a few well-chosen port stops and days to contemplate the majesty of the open ocean, you’ll emerge from your trip with a renewed perspective on life’s journey.

A New Way to See the World

Follow in the wake of centuries of travelers with an ocean crossing that is sure to captivate and inspire. Cross the Atlantic from the East Coast of the United States and land in Spain or Portugal. Or, spend a few days on a detour in the Caribbean before making your way to Europe. Perhaps you prefer to pass through cooler waters, pausing in Iceland to take in the otherworldly landscape on your way to the rugged coast of England.

Are you setting off on a longer journey, or perhaps even an open-ended adventure? Our one-way transatlantic cruise options are the ideal way to commence a long stretch of travel and experience. Whether your luxury transatlantic cruise is the highlight of your vacation or the beginning of an epic getaway, you’ll find plenty of activity and inspiration onboard your ship.

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A Sophisticated Experience

A transatlantic cruise is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of every detail that your luxury cruise liner has to offer. Book a spa service and bask in the afterglow — and perhaps sip a glass of champagne. Take a swim, enjoy a fitness class, or see a show: no matter what kind of diversions you desire, a transatlantic repositioning cruise provides space and service for a phenomenal experience at sea.

Repositioning is common when cruise lines need to move their fleets to accommodate peak travel seasons in different regions, but the one-way nature of these transatlantic cruises means they are often less crowded than voyages that start and stop in the same port. When ships sail below capacity — with the same number of staff — you will enjoy increased attention and exceptional service. Ask your travel specialist at Luxury Cruise Connections about upgrades and onboard credits. Our industry relationships lead to deals unavailable anywhere else.

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All-Inclusive Luxury Service

At Luxury Cruise Connections, our Cruise and Vacation Specialist can arrange any kind of trip you’ve been dreaming of. Whether that’s a cruise that will take you to the pyramids of Egypt or a Southeast Asian tour to Vietnam and Thailand, we help you realize your travel dreams. From selecting the right cabin to advising on dining options and onboard entertainment, we can help craft the trip of a lifetime. When you book a luxury transatlantic cruise with us, you may enjoy:

  • Comprehensive, personalized trip planning thanks to our concierge team
  • Access to nonpublic discounts and exclusive pricing
  • Onboard upgrades available through our Virtuoso Consortium membership
  • Door-to-door travel planning, including flights and hotel accommodations thanks to our concierge team

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