Ships cruising through the Panama Canal in Central America

Cruise the Panama Canal

Embrace luxury and adventure on Central America’s most well-known bucket-list voyage. Enjoy top-deck access to never-ending vistas as your vessel glides through the narrow locks with precision and grace.

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The Panama Canal is a modern wonder of the world, and its storied history and engineering marvels are worth experiencing on their own. But when you travel by cruise ship, you add luxury service, rainforest excursions, and UNESCO World Heritage sites to create a memorable, exquisite experience. See why the Panama Canal has inspired travelers for more than one hundred years.

Ocean-to-Ocean Adventure

A luxury Panama Canal cruise takes you through the intricate passageways between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Standing on deck as the famous locks lift your ship 85 feet to the main canal is a wonder in itself, but as you continue down the 50-mile waterway, you’ll feel captivated at every turn. Revel in the birding paradise of Soberanía National Park, the glistening waters of Gatún Lake, and the striking rock formations of the Culebra Cut.

Any trip through the canal is replete with all the sights and excursions you would expect on a Central American cruise. Take a treetop rainforest tour, stroll down cobbled streets with open-air markets and centuries-old churches, or soak up the sun on a private tropical beach. Panama City is one of the most exuberant and innovative metropolises in Central America. Our specialists can help you plan the perfect itinerary to sample the local flavors and immerse yourself in its culture.

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Pristine Nature

Our guided expeditions and full-service custom tours allow you incredible access to the amazing flora and fauna of the Panama Canal — widely regarded as one of the world’s most well-preserved and biodiverse regions. You have to see it to believe it! Popular sightings include the three-toed sloth, Panamanian night monkeys, toucans, and even sly capybaras.

Our luxury Panama Canal cruise options allow tours of hard-to-reach areas that are rich with wildlife. Disembark and explore unforgettable UNESCO-designated sites and landmarks along the way. Plan your perfect expedition with Luxury Cruise Connections.

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Tailored Cruise Itineraries

We proudly partner with the world’s most exclusive cruise lines to offer custom all-inclusive packages for the experienced world traveler. Take an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Panama Canal, or pair your voyage with a Caribbean tour. Our Cruise and Vacation Specialists take pride in arranging everything, which may include:

  • Custom excursions with experienced guides thanks to our concierge team
  • Unlocking luxury perks, including spa and dining packages, available through our agency’s Virtuoso membership
  • Door-to-door round-trip travel arrangements from your home to your final destination

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the cruise industry. Even if your luxury Panama Canal cruise is in the early planning stages, reach out for a consultation and let us do the rest.

Whether you wish to travel the Panama Canal or other destinations, including Australia or the Caribbean, Luxury Cruise Connections specialists are ready to help. Contact one of our agents today and start planning your next epic Central American cruise.

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