South Pacific Island lagoon with straw huts and mountains

South Pacific Cruises

Bright blue waters, black sand beaches, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze — the majesty of the Pacific Islands beckons. Discover paradise in style and luxury on a South Pacific Cruise.

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The unique and varied beauty of the Pacific Islands has drawn travelers and explorers for centuries. Experience all the South Pacific has to offer with a stately cruise through some of the most magical places on the planet.

The Jewels of the Pacific

Originally formed by volcanic hot spots, the geography of the South Pacific islands is enticing and awe-inspiring. Find bright blue lagoons perfect for a restorative swim, beaches with sugar-fine sand, and dramatic volcano and mountain peaks looming in the distance. The stunning island waters are home to tremendous sea turtles, exotic tropical fish, and stingrays that sweep gracefully along the ocean floor. Dive in for an immersive snorkel excursion or observe the aquatic life and beautiful coral formations from your stateroom balcony.

Travel inland, and you’ll discover lush vegetation, a striking variety of animal life, and picturesque waterfalls cascading into turquoise pools — lovely for hiking or even helicopter tours. And there’s no better way to see it all than through a South Pacific cruise

South Pacific waterfall and pool with lush vegetation
Balinese temple on the water with clouds in background

Explore the Cultural Wonders

A South Pacific cruise offers a plethora of cultural delights. See a traditional Balinese shadow play performance, visit ancient Polynesian historical sites where kings celebrated in elaborate ceremonies, or book a luxurious body treatment and relax in splendor during a taurumi massage.

In addition to its dramatic beauty and blend of cultural heritages, travelers to the South Pacific Islands will experience the delights of a fresh fusion cuisine. Savor the tastes of the South Pacific with meals that incorporate ocean catches, exotic fruits, root vegetables and bright seasonings unique to the region. Choose from expertly selected on-shore excursions from leading travel providers. Tell us the trip of your dreams, and we will make the arrangements.

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