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Luxury River Cruises in Europe

See the marvels of the continent in new ways with a European river cruise. Sail into history with the modern amenities of a small luxury cruise liner for a truly enchanting experience.

Explore all Western, Eastern, and Central European river cruises.

No two European adventures are alike. Experience the majesty of ancient cathedrals and bustling city squares in Germany and Belgium. Explore the splendors of the Douro River Valley in Portugal and Spain, one of the world’s oldest and most highly regarded wine regions. Go where you’ve never been before with Luxury Cruise Connections.

The Ultimate European Excursion

A European river cruise brings you to the world’s most striking places from a new vantage point. Even if you’ve toured the sights of Europe before, you’ve never seen them quite like this. Cruise down the Elbe from the North Sea to Prague with stops at ultra-modern architectural marvels and 18th-century castles. Journey from the Swiss Alps, taking in the breathtaking beauty of the craggy mountain peaks and pristine waters, to Paris, with all of its lively charms and opportunities for shopping, dining, and up-close encounters with the most treasured art in the world.

If warmer climates call, we offer Western European cruise options to Spain and Portugal. Sail to the Canary Islands and watch the surfers catch waves along the coast as you wander the black sand beaches. Bask in the bright blue waters of the French Mediterranean, enjoying the crosscurrent of French and Italian influences on the distinct culture of Corsica.


Explore all of our European cruise options.

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A Refined Way to Travel

Luxury Cruise Connections brings you curated itineraries and exclusive tour options to design your ideal cruise and vacation experience. Sample paella beneath an Andalusian sunset as you cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon. Or cross from Western to Eastern Europe with a cruise that takes you from Budapest to Bucharest, with stops in Serbia and Bulgaria to see ancient churches, Art Nouveau spas, and the limestone cliffs of the Iron Gate, one of the most famous sights in the Lower Danube.

A visit to Europe is a chance to walk the same streets and travel the same waterways as some of the most famous minds in history. Transport yourself back in time with a European river cruise along the Rhine while Holland’s famous tulips bloom, with the country’s picturesque windmills and green fields making a peaceful and elegant backdrop. Afterward, you’ll follow in the steps of Mozart with a stop in Linz — where he wrote some of the most enduring music of all time.

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Your All-Inclusive Cruise Experience

Days of adventure and evenings of romance — whether you are setting off on a European river cruise or exploring the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean, Luxury Cruise Connections ensures that you get the most out of your trip. Our travel experts handle every detail from the moment you leave your front door. All you need to do is pack your bags and prepare to set sail.

As a Virtuoso travel agency, we partner with the world’s best cruise lines to bring you:

  • Unadvertised discounts
  • Onboard upgrades
  • Custom excursion planning
  • Door-to-door travel arrangements including flights and hotel stays handled by our concierge team

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