Arched glacier formation in antarctic waters

Cruise to Antarctica

The height of luxury meets Earth’s last frontier.

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Majestic. Awe-inspiring. Life-changing. These are just some of the ways our clients have described their Antarctic cruise expedition experiences. Will you join the next voyage?

Indescribable Beauty

The breathtaking scenery of Antarctica isn’t observed — it’s experienced. Visitors say the visceral beauty of the southernmost continent is wild and unforgettable. From elaborate glacial formations that reflect the vivid blues of the surrounding sea to up-close encounters with penguins and whales, an Antarctic cruise on a luxury ship is at the top of the bucket list for every adventurous traveler.

The unrivaled drama of ice formations meets world-class service when you board an Antarctica cruise on a luxury liner. Marvel at this mysterious and magnificent continent — all without sacrificing any of the style or service you desire from a customized travel expedition.

Antarctic ice formation in ocean

Black whale tale emerging from ocean

Dive Into Adventure

Follow in the footsteps of some of the most intrepid explorers in history as you navigate the famous Drake Passage and pass Elephant Island, where Ernest Shackelton spent a long winter with his crew.

Our Antarctica cruise luxury options allow you to visit the icy South Shetland Islands — inaccessible by air — and get an up-close look at volcanic cones and cliffs. Disembark for ocean kayaking among the ice floes or dive under the sea in a submersible to encounter the otherworldly creatures of The Deep. Let us find your perfect excursion, all conducted by expert guides.

All-Inclusive Luxury Service

Why choose to travel on an expedition cruise arranged by Luxury Cruise Connections? We partner with the world’s premier cruise companies to deliver personalized experiences and all-inclusive service. Our deep industry connections give you special perks, including:

  • Unadvertised discounts
  • Onboard upgrades
  • Custom excursion planning
  • Door-to-door travel arrangements including flights and hotel stays

When you book with Luxury Cruise Connections we take care of every aspect of your itinerary planning. Our Cruise and Vacation Specialists have intimate knowledge of the world’s top cruise liners and know how to make the most of your Antarctica cruise luxury experience. Whether you have your travel dates in mind already or you are in the earliest stages of planning, call us for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the details of your Antarctic expedition.

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