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Lindblad Expeditions

Imagine discovering unique corners of the earth on your own large private yacht, with everyone on board an integral part of the adventure. Lindblad’s captains have decades of sailing experience in the regions they explore, and know how to navigate the areas to give you the best experience possible.

For travelers seeking more adventure in a cruise, Lindblad Expeditions may provide the answer. More than simply a big ship with the standard array of ports of call and scuba expeditions, Lindblad offers an up-close view of some of the world’s most stunning, untamed locales. Despite this, Lindblad’s guests quickly learn that life aboard Lindblad ships is filled with comfort and ease. Guests mingle freely in lounges and dining rooms, or seek a moment of quiet solitude in the libraries. Those who don’t want to miss a moment of the surrounding breathtaking natural beauty will want to congregate at the observation spaces on deck. Fitness Centers and Massage Treatment Rooms give you the choice of getting the blood pumping or indulging yourself – or both! In addition, Lindblad Expeditions' staff are highly knowledgeable about the areas you will discover, and they like nothing better than surprising guests.

Lindblad ships offer many dining options on board, and the menu is sure to delight. Lindblad guests enjoy full buffet breakfasts, casual lunches, and leisurely dinners served in our comfortable dining rooms on deck or even ashore on a remote beach.

Each ship has multiple public areas, including a library; lounge with full-service bar and facilities for films, slide shows and presentations; observation deck; partially covered Sun Deck with chairs and tables; and LEXspa. Whether you are looking to make new friends or find a quiet moment alone, Lindblad has a place for you. The ships also employ an ‘Open Bridge’ policy, which means that guests are given an opportunity to meet the ship’s officers and Captain and learn about navigation.

If you are seeking adventure, look to discover Lindblad Cruises. Call your Luxury Cruise Connections travel planner today to take that all-important first step toward making that adventure a reality.

You are about to view exclusive pricing and amenities developed by our product development team. We promise this will be the best deal for your cruise vacation.


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Delfin II

With accommodations for just 28 guests, the Delfin II provides the intimate ambiance perfect for an unforgettable river cruise experience! Cruise through the Amazon with style and comfort while tasting authentic meals made with sustainable ingredients from the rain forest.

hotel Decks 3

Lord of the Glens

Refurbished in 2000, the Lord of the Glens provides its passengers with a unique experience as they cruise through the British Isles. Elegance and comfort unite to help the guests relax and unwind as they discover the wonderful outside views.

date_range Refurbished 2000 hotel Decks 4

National Geographic Endeavour

Discover the Galapagos on board the National Geographic Endeavour while you enjoy the comfort and premier quality equipment that characterizes any of our expedition ships. Relax at the exclusive LEXspa or have a drink from the full-service bar. Every day on board the National Geographic Endeavour is an adventure waiting to happen!

date_range Refurbished 1998 hotel Decks 6

National Geographic Explorer

On board the National Geographic Explorer, luxury meets adventure to provide you with an unparalleled vacation that you won't forget. Take advantage of Lindblad Expeditions' "Open Bridge" policy which will allows guests the opportunity to meet the ship's Officers and Captain and learn about navigation.

hotel Decks 6

National Geographic Islander

With accommodation for just 48 guests, the National Geographic Islander provides an exclusive hands on adventure to its passengers. Exploration is made easy with access to state-of-the-art equipment available on board. Let yourself be dazzled by unexpected visits from dolphins who might be just the right company during your voyage!

date_range Refurbished 2004 hotel Decks 3

National Geographic Sea Bird

With accommodations for just 62 guests, the National Geographic Sea Bird is an exclusive small ship that is able to venture through ports that are inaccessible to other bigger expedition vessels. Journey on board, and enjoy the privileges of discovering the world from a different perspective!

date_range Refurbished 1995 hotel Decks 2

National Geographic Sea Lion

Along with its twin expedition ship, the National Geographic Sea Lion has unlimited access to smaller ports around the globe. With 31 exclusive cabins, the Sea Lion accommodates 62 lucky passengers providing them with an intimate and unparalleled adventure at sea!

date_range Refurbished 1995 hotel Decks 3

Oceanic Discoverer

Cruise through the South Pacific on board the Oceanic Discoverer. Enjoy its well-stocked library and full service bar, while you admire the exotic surroundings.

hotel Decks 4


Discover the Mediterranean on board Lindblad's The Panorama. Unveil the seas' best kept secrets as you listen to notable Historians and guest speakers provide you with a unique insight as you travel from port to port.

date_range Refurbished 2003 hotel Decks 3


Recently refurbished in 2006, the Salacia river cruiser provides you with the unique experience of traveling through the Nile. Enjoy the intimate feel of a private yacht while you benefit from the amenities of a luxury cruise liner.

date_range Refurbished 2006 hotel Decks 5

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