Bermuda’s Newport Race is one of the world’s best-known sailing regattas, and one of the best ways to visit Bermuda for a sailing regatta definitely has to be via cruise ship. A number of different cruise lines offer Caribbean voyages to Bermuda during the regatta season in June, and the next set of races will no doubt be just as exciting as in previous years. In 2018 the race starts on June 15, but in 2017, Bermuda is set to host an even more exciting sailing event—the America’s cup—in May and June.

Attend Sailing's Biggest Regatta In Bermuda

The America’s Cup is the world’s oldest international sporting trophy, and the yachting races that award the cup are nearly as old. The cup was first awarded in 1851, and the race itself was dubbed the America’s cup in honour of the America, the first boat to win what has become a highly coveted trophy. With Oracle Team USA defending in 2017 against challenges from New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, France, and the UK, this year’s race will be a tight one.

In 2018, the biennial Newport Bermuda Race is to be held, marking a tradition that’s now more than a century old, making it the world’s oldest regularly-scheduled ocean race. Nearly 200 boats are expected to race, with fleets from all over the world, in a 635-mile race that takes up to six days to complete.

Celebrity Regatta Itineraries

Celebrity Cruises’ Bermuda America’s Cup itinerary begins on June 18, 2017, leaving from New Jersey on the US east coast. After a port of call in Boston, Massachusetts, the cruise ship heads to Kings Wharf in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, for four days and four nights.

Passengers who opt for the America’s Cup signature event package will experience the action of America’s Cup races from aboard an official spectator board, allowing for a fantastic up-close level of viewing. After several days enjoying the excitement of the Cup’s final races, passengers will return to New Jersey to arrive on June 27.

Norwegian Cruise Line Itineraries

Another cruise line headed to Bermuda during the America’s Cup is Norwegian Cruise Line, a line that’s known for its “freestyle” cruises where the casual atmosphere and extensive array of fun on-board activities ensures that everyone has an enjoyable time.

The Norwegian Cruise Line leaves for its 7-day Bermuda cruise on June 23, 2017, departing from Boston, Massachusetts and arriving at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda on June 25. After a two-night stay the ship will depart for Boston on June 27.

Both cruise lines will also be making trips to Bermuda in June 2015, so be on the lookout for an itinerary to ensure your attendance for Bermuda’s next Newport Race!