Luxury Bucket List Cruises

Luxury Bucket List Cruises

7 Bucket List Cruises

Your bucket list may already include some of the world’s most amazing travel destinations. But if you haven’t considered seeing some of those destinations from the deck of a cruise ship, get ready to add a little something extra to your list. Here are seven bucket list cruises that might entice you to hop aboard and set sail.  


1. Alaska

Alaska Glacier

So, you want to see an iceberg? Add Alaska to your plans for bucket list cruises. It isn’t the most accessible state to travel, geographically speaking, which is why it tops our list of best luxury cruise excursions. Towering mountain peaks, floating bergs and an icy cool color scheme are all visible from the top deck. Sure, you could fly into Anchorage and travel by land, but an Alaskan tour highlights its spectacular geography, and you’ll see more of that by sea. 


2. The Galapagos

From North to South, the Galapagos Islands are included on many a bucket list. Cruises to the islands don’t come cheap. With limited visitor numbers and strict environmental regulations, the Galapagos are only accessible by boat. Booking and boarding the vessel may take some research, but the payoff is well worth it. With some extremely unique species and the miracle of evolution on full display, a Galapagos cruise is unforgettable. 


3. Antarctica

You haven’t traveled to all seven continents until you’ve seen Antarctica. Like Alaska, you’ll likely only traverse this landscape effectively by ship. Antarctic luxury cruise excursions often include a tour by sea and may not make landfall at all. Even still, you can contemplate the limits of human exploration as you take in the barren vistas of the driest place on earth. 


4. The French Riviera


The joys of the Cote d’Azur easily made the cut on our selection of bucket list cruises. The region is a paradise for travelers who crave the finer things in life. From pristine cotton garb to beachside bliss, the French Riviera has it all: art, history, culture, charm and more. Savor your wine and baguette as you trample through cobblestone streets and make friends with the locals. You’ll visit hidden bays and turquoise waters on shore excursions as you take in the fresh sea breeze from the comfort of your cruise ship’s private balcony.


5. The Panama Canal

What better way to soak up a bit of modern engineering and world history than a voyage through the Panama Canal. A 40-mile cruise seems like it would be a breeze, but traveling the canal itself isn’t a quick feat. Allow at least two weeks to traverse the entirety of the canal. Travel Pacific to Atlantic or vice versa to begin your Panama experience. 


6. Hawaii


A Hawaiin cruise allows you to see more in a shorter timespan than you would if you island-hopped by plane or took multiple boat journeys to each island. Some type of Hawaiian tour is most likely already on your bucket list. Cruises cover a variety of islands and get a true sense of Hawaiian culture as you explore this unique part of the globe. From the beaches of Oahu to Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii is sure to surprise at every turn with its rich flora and fauna.


7. Mekong Delta

We have a special place for Asia on our bucket list, and a Mekong Delta river cruise gives you a sense of this continent’s long history and quick urban growth. A Mekong Delta cruise takes you through major hubs in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos with a different flavor in each locale. Savor the relics of a war-torn past and delight in the resilient and welcoming nature of local residents at each stop along the way. 

Each of these bucket list cruises offers its own particular charm. Of course, if you really want to rise to the challenge, booking a round-the-world tour can cover all of these hotspots over a longer period of time. For more amazing bucket list itineraries and luxury cruise excursions, contact a travel consultant at Luxury Cruise Connections and we’ll help you create a trip tailored

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