7 Perks of Luxury Cruise Travel

7 Perks of Luxury Cruise Travel

7 Perks of Luxury Cruise Travel

Cruise ship at sea

Travel is an art. From trains and planes to automobiles, your travel experience may vary depending on the perspective you choose. Although cruise ships may seem like relics of a bygone era, the modern-day luxury cruise travel life is definitely worth exploring. 


These days, ships can come complete with a cruise concierge, personal butlers or options that include white-glove cruises. Of course, we think the luxury of watching the world pass you by at a slower pace is hard to beat. Here are some other reasons we think luxury cruise travel is top-notch even in a fast-paced world. 


1. Unpack Once

suitcases onboard ship

By far, the biggest perk of luxury cruise travel is the convenience factor. You board your ship, unpack your luggage and leave it in one place the whole time. Even though you’ll likely be exploring multiple destinations and several countries, your luggage doesn’t have to go with you. Cruise concierge services can even help with the one-time delivery to and from your ship’s quarters.


2. Celebrate in Style

Your ship comes complete with onboard entertainment so you can enjoy the view and relax without taking extra measures to coordinate evening plans. Cruise concierge services even help guests make plans for special evenings and celebrations. Luxury cruise travel is the perfect solution for celebrating wedding anniversaries, birthdays or any other occasion, really. 


3. Personalized Accommodations

Cruise lines are used to passengers having varying needs during travel. Most ships come with an onboard medical crew to aide passengers with special needs. White-glove cruises include additional services available to passengers that help them settle-in conveniently. This makes luxury cruising an especially good travel option for seniors and travelers who may need extra accommodations.


4. All-Inclusive

Pool on cruise ship

There are so many ways to travel by sea, but our favorite by far is the all-inclusive package. Instead of add-ons, choose the features you want and allow a travel specialist to arrange perks like a cruise concierge, spa packages and included meals and beverages. Allowing a travel service such as Luxury Cruise Connections to specialize an all-inclusive package just for you means there are no hidden fees to ruin your plans.


5. Making Friends

If you are social (and even if you aren’t) the luxury cruise scene is definitely for you. Allow the cruise concierge to introduce you to fellow passengers before the next big shore excursion to break the ice. Meet new friends as you go - after all, you are all following the same itinerary. White-glove cruises allow the convenience of relaxation so that you can focus on making new friends before outings. Our favorite places to socialize are the card or game tables, dinner galas or evening poolside events. You might even stay in touch with newfound friends long after the cruise. 


6. Get Fit

When you cruise, take advantage of some of the included fitness classes available onboard. You’ll meet even more friends and stay in shape during your cruise. Shore excursions are a marathon in themselves, with many taking you on hikes or guided walks during the day. For active travelers, getting fit is a nice perk of the voyage. Not sure if you can handle the rigor? Ask a cruise concierge to make a recommendation based on your level of fitness. And of course, don’t forget the post-workout massage at the ship spa.


7. Haute Cuisine

Dining at nice restaurant

You’ll be dining above the rest - literally. Not only will you have the option of buffet dinners or personal chefs, many cruise lines prioritize amazing culinary creations onboard and off. Enjoy the best the world has to offer. Major foodies will delight in cruises that pair food and travel for the ultimate cruise experience.

Culinary delights, a cruise concierge and white-glove service are just a few perks you might enjoy on your voyage. For even more tips and tricks that add value to your cruise, visit Luxury Cruise Connections and read our cruise blog for insider advice on upcoming special voyages.

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